Robert, or "Farmer Bob", has had a lifelong interest in healthy living.  He was fortunate to have been influenced by his father and grandfather in eating organic, fresh and minimally processed foods since a young boy and has continued to this day, adding his own style to cooking. Bob spent his early years in NYC and on a farm in northeastern Pennsylvania.  After college, he lived and worked in many places across the US, including New Orleans, where he learned to cook, and eventually settled in the Pacific Northwest, which is still home.  
In addition to focusing on quality foods to most optimally sustain the body and provide energy to do the things we each choose to do, Bob has a passion for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, river rafting, and dancing, and for sharing these experiences by teaching. 

Karlen is a Northwest native and also has had a long time interest in healthy living, especially in the areas of preventive, holistic and natural health care, herbs, essential oils and foods as medicine.   She values the wisdom of the body, and cares about what we put on our bodies in addition to what we ingest.    You may find her spending time outdoors as much as possible - gardening, hiking, skiing; or dancing,  mixing skin care products in the kitchen, and reading the latest in health and healing.   

We love to share what we've learned along the way.  Come join us at the farm for a class or two and learn how to easily incorporate healthy living habits in to your life!